India is a major contributor to the global food basket. Between March 2020 to February 2021, the net worth of agriculture commodities export was 17.19 billion USD. 

Looking at the export figures of individual food categories, India exported 182.21 million USD worth of grapes between April 2020 to February 2021. 

During the same period, India exported pulses and natural honey worth 261.47 million USD and 79.33 million USD respectively. 

India ranks number one as the largest producer of milk and also the largest population of buffalos in the world. According to metrics, India will produce 330 million tons of milk by 2024. 

In the processed food sector, India ranks amongst the top in production, consumption, export, and growth. This sector covers a range of processed products such as meat and poultry; milk and milk products; fruits and vegetables; alcoholic beverages, chocolates, and cocoa-based products, etc.
India exported 4987 million USD worth of processed food in 2020-21. Some notable shares include processed vegetables (501 million USD), Mango pulp (96 million USD), jaggery and confectionary (359 million USD), alcoholic beverages (322 million USD), pulses (284 million USD), groundnuts (727 million USD), processed fruits & nuts (428 million USD), and cocoa products (149 million USD).

In agriculture-based exports, India exported 3.88 billion USD worth basmati rice, 1.84 billion USD of non-basmati rice, 3.01 billion USD of buffalo meat, and 2.71 billion USD of other processed food in the financial year of 2020 (till February 2020).

The financial year of 2021 saw India exporting 3.59 billion USD of basmati rice, 4.04 billion USD of non-basmati rice, and 2.86 billion USD of buffalo meat.