In 2020, the total value of global sales in jewelry export stood at 69.2 billion USD. This value shrank by 34.2% from 2016’s global sales value of 105.1 billion USD. 

From 2019 to 2020, the value of sales in jewelry fell by 40.1%

The global lockdown induced by the outbreak of covid 19 is majorly responsible for this. 

The top five jewelry exporters (Switzerland, China, India, Hong Kong, and the United States) constitute half of the total jewelry exports in 2020. They make up about 51.2% of the entire market.

While looking at the value of exports from continents, Asia takes the top spot for having the most market value of exports in 2020. Asia shipped around 37.6 billion USD, which is 54.4% of the total value worldwide. 

Europe comes in the second spot with 35.4% and North America in the third with 8.3% of total jewelry export.

0.9% of the entire value came from South America, while Australia and Africa constituted 0.6% and 0.3% of the market share in exports respectively.

RankCountryValue in USDPercentage of Total Export
1Switzerland8.1 billion11.7%
2China8 billion11.5%
3India7.7 billion11.1%
4Honk Kong6.3 billion9.1%
5US5.3 billion7.7%
6Italy5.3 billion7.6%
7France4.4 billion6.3%
8Turkey3.6 billion5.2%
9UAE3.5 billion5%
10UK3.3 billion4.8%
11Thailand2.6 billion3.7%
12Singapore1.8 billion2.5%
13Indonesia1.4 billion2.1%
14Germany1.4 billion2%
15Malaysia750.6 million1.1%
Top 15 countries ranked by their maximum value of exports

The top 15 countries contributed to 91.5% of the total global exports in jewelry in 2020.